Sunday, August 26, 2012


This email was from two weeks ago and I forgot to post it. Sorry!

 I did get a new companion this transfer. I actually got two. Their names are Elder Parkinson from Layton and Elder Olsen from Boise. They both are pretty cool guys but they're sticks in the mud... anyways..  This next week is going to be CRAZY! Tomorrow morning I'm going back to my old area (assomada) to help out a missionary whose companion has to come have an interview with the President. Then Wednesday we have Zone conference in Praia and then Thursday I'm going back up to Assomada for Zone conference there and then on Friday our investigators are getting married!!! On saturday they, with two other people, are going to get baptized. I don't actually think that we are going to have a lot of time to teach this week but none the less it should be awesome!!  I hope that all is going well. Love you tons. Elder Edwards.

PS go to the Church website, and watch the Cape Verde movie I think it's called terra de luz. Land of light in english but most of the movie is filmed in the area I am in right now and it shows where we baptized in the ocean its way sweet

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Sorry it took me so long to get this up on the blog, but the following is the physical address to send mail and packages to Elder Edwards. I know the address is really long and seems odd, but you need to write it exactly as it appears to ensure it gets delivered to him (even include the phone number). Also, if you are going to send packages the cheapest way to do so is through USPS with their smallest flat-rate shipping box.   You can ship up to 4lbs and it costs approx $17. Make sure when you go to send it you have also filled out an international delivery card available at the post office. On the outside of the box we have been asked to tape pictures of Christ. This prevents the superstitious burglars from stealing the contents of the box. The packages take 3-4 weeks to arrive so make sure to send them early if you want something to arrive in time for a  holiday (Matt's birthday is coming up November 16th). If anyone does send a package he has shown interest in some Swedish Fish candies. I sent a few with my last package but couldn't fit more than one small package with all the other stuff he asked for. Thanks again for all your love and support. We are very proud of our little Matty!!!

Elder Matthew Edwards
Cape Verde Praia Mission
Rua Miguel Bombara, N8, R/C Plateau
Cape Verde, Praia
Ihla de Santiago, Sao Tiago
Cape Verde
Phone: 238 262-9403

Naming Babies.

This new calling has been crazy! I have gone to the airport at 3 to 5 in the morning 3 times this week and have been running all around town in the chruchs car. It has been way legit! Also I named one of our investigators newborn baby haha I gave it the name bear at first and she kind of liked it and then I decided that bearinho was more fitting and she loved it (inho at the end of almost any Portuguese word means little) and this week she got baptized and her child's name legally on her baptism sheet was bearinho ha. Life here in Cape Verde is awesome. I always am praying for you guys. Fique suave. With love, Matthew