Saturday, January 4, 2014

Last Email From Elder Edwards.

Dear family,

This will be the last ever mission email I will write... That's crazy! Things here are definitely starting  to get all wrapped up and it's starting to almost feel real that the mission will end. Don't worry though we are still working hard and I have one last Baptism for this Saturday.
I can't wait to get home and tell you all about everything. I have so many stories but I don't think I'll ever be able to tell it all. 

  The highlight of this last week though was almost as a dream come true. I got a call last night from a recent convert of mine from Fogo (João and Natalia) informing me that yesterday they were interviewed and it was approved for them to go to the temple. Now, according to their visas, they will be getting sealed in Brazil this February or August! I am stoked for them and when I get home I will be able to talk with them on Skype!

Love you all. Hope all is well