Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cape Verde!!!

E.E has arrived! Aaron, the girls and I, along with Spencer and Nicole were lucky enough to get to go see him at the airport yesterday since we didn't get to say bye at the MTC. Unfortunately Nicole had to leave before he got there but it was very beneficial to us all. Matt is doing FABULOUS! He is a natural missionary and when I spoke to him while on his layover in Boston he had already been doing missionary work in the airport. He left SLC yesterday at 9:45 a.m and didn't arrive in Cape Verde until almost that same time this morning. Here is the email he sent:

"Hey Im just writing you to let you know that I have arrived safetly. Im going to be on Assomada on Santiago. Everything went smoothly getting here. I have my all of my stuff which is more than others can say and so far this place is awesome the people and the culture is nuts but Im excited to get started. Ill write you on monday. Love you all"

Right now we don't have a snail mail address, but keep those emails coming. It will be interesting to see in the next few weeks how fast Matty has access to email and how slowly it takes snail mail to arrive.  Love you Elder Edwards!

Last MTC Post.

"The time has finally come! I only have 6 days left in the MTC and them i'm off to baptize and convert the world! The MTC for the most part has been really good. My companion has been awesome and we have accomplished amazing things here. My highlights from the MTC would have to be: Getting my patriarichal blessing with my companion, him getting his own blessing as well. Taking my companion through the temple for his first time ever! Going to devotionals with awesome speakers such as Elder Holland (twice), Elder Bednar and Alex Boye. Being selected out of all the missionaries that are learning Portuguese to be interviewed by a news reporter from Sao Paolo Brazil! And definitely tons of other things. I'm excited to get to Cape Verde and start practicing what i've learned and also to begin learning Creole! Eu amo voces! Tchau!"

I received this letter last week. New pictures will be posted soon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Elder Edwards has been sending us pictures for weeks. It has taken me forever to scan them so these are a collection from the past 8 weeks at the MTC.
 Matt with "Little Bunny" Nora sent him.
 The Cape Verde crew.
"Me and Elder Wilson."

 "My old mission..."

 Working hard...or hardly working?
 "Me when I'm really tired and my companion."
"Our zone!"
 "Portugal ladies and me and my companion."

"Sisters gettin' crazy!"
"Temply de Jesus Cristo"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Travel Plans.

Here is that latest update from E.E (Elder Edwards:

I got my travel plans today! I'm leaving on the 27th. My flight is #270, SLC to Boston (Delta). And then flight 691 (TACV Cabo Verde (Airlines)) from boston straight to Cape Verde. My plan flight leaves at 9:46 a.m. from SLC and I'll be arriving in Cape Verde at 8:30 a.m. to start off the FUN! Send me your numbers so I can call all of you in the airport. And probablamente the best time to call on Thursday. I'm leaving the MTC at 6 so I'll most likely be at the airport around 7.

I might break the rules and go see him off at the airport so if anyone has anything they want me to deliver to him to save on postage let me know. Matt is doing great. I couldn't be more proud of him. Also he challenged me to read the BOM on our own and let me know that if you read 8 pages a day you can finish in just two months. I am going to make this a personal goal and if anyone wants to join me that would be great!

Love you Matty!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 7.

I'm already on week 6 of the MTC! The time has been flying by here! I'm loving being surrounded by good, wholesome people all day everyday! The language is going so well! Luckily I know Elder Wilson (my friend from my childhood who lived in Brazil for 2 years) because he has been helping me advance in the language a lot faster than everyone else. Half of my district most of the time doesn't have a clue what me and the teacher are talking about. I hope everyone is doing good and I hope you're all continuing to build your testimonys.
-Elder Edwards"

We have been emailing back and forth and if anyone is sending Matt packages he requested that people not send anymore candy but send healthy snacks. He is trying to eat healthier and lose a few pounds before heading out to Cape Verde. He is so grateful for all the love and support and loves to hear from each of you!