Saturday, December 1, 2012

Busy Boy.

Elder Edwards has been working his butt of lately (10 baptisms this week!) so he hasn't had time to email everyone who emails him. Don't feel bad if you haven't heard from him in a while. Each week he is required to email his Mission President so Matt has decided to just copy and paste those emails for us to keep up on his work. Here is this weeks update:

Buenos tardes. I have been working on my spanish lately. I plan to speak it fluently before I make it home. I was planning on calling you guys about the same time as last year, maybe an hour earlier. This year I realized how awesome Thanksgiving is and how when you dont know what day it was until it passes its kind of a sad holiday. We didnt have our phone that day so the next day when we got it back we had recieved a bunch of Happy thanksgivings texts. Looks like everyone else knew what day it was. 
   This week is going to be CRAZY!!! This whole transfer we have been working with all of our people and planning their baptisms for the last week of the Transfer. Also our wedding, due to a poorly organized government, was delayed until tomorrow. As of right now we have 10 baptism that are all pretty solid for the end of this week. One baptism is kinda stressful trying to do everything, 2 is really stressful and exhausting, 3 is a killer. 10 is going to be a nightmare. Pray for us please... we are going to need it!
    Why do you have to get a cancer screenning? that sounds kinda scary.. It was good to hear that Katie got her letter I was hoping she was gonna like it. Thanks for saving my emails. You shouldve told me that. I wouldve been in more effort. I will email janet right now. Also I got the bank info finally i will send that back soon. 

        This week I took your challenge and I have been working to improve my morning and night time prayers. I have started praying for each investigator by name and taking each of their problems one at a time. I have really seen that the Holy Ghost will direct our prayers and also he will inlighted us about problems or doubts they have that we dont know about. This has been a valuable lesson to learn and I will definitely continue to improve on this. (to mission pres)

Monday, November 12, 2012


I´d like to share the story of one of our investigator with you. Last week we marked her with a wedding and baptism date and the whole family was excited. Two days latter we returned to talk to them again but her spouse wasn't there. We gave her a family proclamation and then she started to tell us about how she found out about the church.  She use to be a strong member of the Adventist church until one day she felt like it wasn't completely true. She said that everyday after that she prayed to God to find a true church that was right for her and her husband. After a while missionaries showed up in Relva and she felt like she needed to talk to them. She was too shy to stop them in the street so she just continued to pray and pray that they would show up at her house. One day she saw them walking behind her house and they were on the trail to pass by her front door. She waited but they never knocked. After that she was heart broken. The next day her husband was contacted by two Elders in the street and they showed up at her house, finally, and taught the message of the restored gospel.
When I heard this story my testimony that God is preparing people and putting them in our paths everyday grew and I know that we truly can find these people.
Love you all and hope all is well! Elder Edwards

Friday, November 2, 2012

Long Overdue Updates.

See additional post below. Sorry for the infrequent updates. Elder Edwards has been so busy that emails are shorter and less frequent. He is doing great and we couldn't be more proud of him. Can't believe it's already been 9 months!!!

 "Hello meus pais. This week was another good one. I took that one day plane flight to Praia because the President wanted me to attend a specialized leadership training. It was way good and made me feel like some sort of business man flying around like that. My companion bleeds blacks! My new companion is a fellow highland high rammer and we have been representing for the SLC and getting work done! This week Elder Ensign showed up and he is in my district. He is in the city right next to mine (Cova figuera) and he seemed to be in culture shock at district meeting. He is strugglying with the language but he has a huge testimony so he´ll be fine. And the area that we´re in nobody speaks portuguese. It is crazy to hear about all the new missionaries and changes in the mission work. I´m glad that I am going to be here to help them lead all out. Its not too good to hear the utes are sucking it up. Hope all is well with you. With love, Elder Edwards Oct. 28th"

October 21.

Hello my family. Its good to hear that halloween is here again. Im not gonna lie I forgot about that holiday, it doesnt actually exist here.. The bad news for the week is that I am in Sao filipe again so I cant send pictures this week. This week was the end of the transfer and once again, I am getting a new companion but luckily I am going to stay here in Relva another transfer. There is an active volcano and I do live at thew bottom of it. I really hope it explodes that would be awesome see. This mission is super weird though. Tomorrow I am going to take a plane flight to Praia, Santiago to pick up my new companion and then the next day Im gonna take another plane to make it back to fogo. This will be the first time in my life having a back to back plane trip in just 2 days.It was good to hear from you and about how life is going. I hope all stays well. Love Elder. PS GO UTES!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

To Assomada And Back Again.

Ola. This week was a little bit crazy, a little bit bumpy and a lot a bit rainy but when it was all said and done we finished off this week with three baptisms. One of them was definitely the biggest successes I have all all of my mission. In my first transfer of my mission we meet an awesome college student who was close to finishing his senoir year. We was really converted and knew that this church was true but he would never take the next step to being baptized because his girl friend would break up with him and he needed her computer for college. We didnt know what to do with him and he basically was at a stand still. After 5 months of missionaries working with him and 7 different missionaries we finally helped him to take that next step and to be baptized and he asked for me to baptize him. Me going back to Assomada was a very rare thing to have happen in the mission. Now that all is said and done I know that he was the reason I had to go back there and it was great to have that experience! 
Love Elder Edwards

Sunday, August 26, 2012


This email was from two weeks ago and I forgot to post it. Sorry!

 I did get a new companion this transfer. I actually got two. Their names are Elder Parkinson from Layton and Elder Olsen from Boise. They both are pretty cool guys but they're sticks in the mud... anyways..  This next week is going to be CRAZY! Tomorrow morning I'm going back to my old area (assomada) to help out a missionary whose companion has to come have an interview with the President. Then Wednesday we have Zone conference in Praia and then Thursday I'm going back up to Assomada for Zone conference there and then on Friday our investigators are getting married!!! On saturday they, with two other people, are going to get baptized. I don't actually think that we are going to have a lot of time to teach this week but none the less it should be awesome!!  I hope that all is going well. Love you tons. Elder Edwards.

PS go to the Church website, and watch the Cape Verde movie I think it's called terra de luz. Land of light in english but most of the movie is filmed in the area I am in right now and it shows where we baptized in the ocean its way sweet

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Sorry it took me so long to get this up on the blog, but the following is the physical address to send mail and packages to Elder Edwards. I know the address is really long and seems odd, but you need to write it exactly as it appears to ensure it gets delivered to him (even include the phone number). Also, if you are going to send packages the cheapest way to do so is through USPS with their smallest flat-rate shipping box.   You can ship up to 4lbs and it costs approx $17. Make sure when you go to send it you have also filled out an international delivery card available at the post office. On the outside of the box we have been asked to tape pictures of Christ. This prevents the superstitious burglars from stealing the contents of the box. The packages take 3-4 weeks to arrive so make sure to send them early if you want something to arrive in time for a  holiday (Matt's birthday is coming up November 16th). If anyone does send a package he has shown interest in some Swedish Fish candies. I sent a few with my last package but couldn't fit more than one small package with all the other stuff he asked for. Thanks again for all your love and support. We are very proud of our little Matty!!!

Elder Matthew Edwards
Cape Verde Praia Mission
Rua Miguel Bombara, N8, R/C Plateau
Cape Verde, Praia
Ihla de Santiago, Sao Tiago
Cape Verde
Phone: 238 262-9403

Naming Babies.

This new calling has been crazy! I have gone to the airport at 3 to 5 in the morning 3 times this week and have been running all around town in the chruchs car. It has been way legit! Also I named one of our investigators newborn baby haha I gave it the name bear at first and she kind of liked it and then I decided that bearinho was more fitting and she loved it (inho at the end of almost any Portuguese word means little) and this week she got baptized and her child's name legally on her baptism sheet was bearinho ha. Life here in Cape Verde is awesome. I always am praying for you guys. Fique suave. With love, Matthew

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This week was crazy! This last week was the last week of the Transfer and to finish it up we went and baptized in the ocean. It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had! Now that all is said and done we finished the transfer with 10 baptisms and have 4 set up for next week... Sadly though I have been transferred. Last night I got a call from the Mission president and I am going to serve as AP (presidents assistant) I was pretty bummed to leave this area but this next transfer should be sweet. I found out that I get to drive the Church's Hiace ( Type of car) That is brand new and cost 70K! I get the feeling like the president is really pushing me. He told me this transfer I have to work my can off and get ready to become a trainer.  Hope all is well. With much love, Elder Edwards.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6 Months Tomorrow!

We have been having tons of problems with the power lately its really annoying. This week was way sweet. This week I baptized an investigator personally for the first time ever! It was way cool but he way a pretty big kid so it was kind of hard. Also this week at church we had a member of the seventy come to give a talk during sacrament meeting which was really interesting. The best part about it too was that we had 15 investigators show up to church! My comp and I were actually asked to give a training now this week at district meeting on getting investigators to church haha. This Sunday is the end of the transfer, Wednesday is my 6 month mark and we have 4 baptisms planned for Saturday... This week is going to be good and exhausting! I hope all is well in Salt Lake. WIth love, Elder Edwards

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cleaning The Beach And Climbing Mountains.

Hello everyone! This week has been really weird and really different! It started out with zone conference in the main city Praia. It was really good, we learned a ton. according to my companion zone conference is like half time and is to prepare us to 创win创 the battle. On Wednesday I went on a division to a city called Calheta. It was way sweet! The mission house there is right on the beach. Calheta is actually a brand new area that just opened up last week and it was awesome to be there and to see how excited the people were there to finally hav.e 创the church of the Elders创 in their city. We had a huge lesson at the end of the day, we taught 20 people at one time and they all were anxious as to when we could teach them more. On saturday we all went back to Calheta with a ton of members and Elders and cleaned up the beach to prepare a spot to do baptisms. That was my first time so far going to the beach and I was pretty excited. Finally to finish off the week this morning we went out and hope in the first taxi-truck thing here and drove until we found a cool moutain to climb. We picked a mountain and then spent a good amount of time trying to find a way to get to it.The mountain that we climbed was inhabited by monkeys and we actually found some monkey traps which was pretty cool. It has been crazy how fast time has been flying by here it is hard to believe I've already been here over two months. Gotta run but love you all. stay classy

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update From Across The World.

Things this week have been a little crazy. The other Elders here left to open a new area so right now we have to watch over our area and the other elders area. It has been a lot of walking but for the most part it has been pretty good. I eat fish and rice and beans for the first time here as a complete meal. The fish here is good but I think I need to improve my fish cooking skills. A cape verdian is going to teach me this week. Íve eaten with memebers a couple times. I actually ate soup for breakfast today with some members cuz we couldnt last night and I have to say that might have been the best soup that I have ever eaten. I ran out of money this week so Im actaully gonna have to sick with tuna and banannas and cereal for this week. I bought a cord to send pictures but the internet is being lame so you might have to wait until next week... Love ya. Tchau 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Transfer And New Companion.

Bom dia! Today is the first day of my second transfer! Its crazy to think that I have already been in Africa for more than 6 weeks! I was suppose to be with my first companion for the first few weeks but because of "technical missionary difficulties" my companion ended up getting transferred and I´m already moving onto my second companion. I´m a little nervous for this change because I am left to take charge of this area and I´m going to have a lot more responsibility but I know this change is the will of the Lord and I´m completely confident things will work out. Yesterday I had my second baptism. It was soo sweet! That was my fisrt baptism where I started working with the person from the first lesson and walked them all the way to the waters of baptism. This person had problems with all sorts of things and commandments but he worked through all of them and seeing his face when he came out of the water with the biggest smile on his face was definitely something else, the spirit was so strong. I have a lot of hope for this next transfer and I am ready to work twice as hard. One of our areas only has 3 members and they want to open up a new branch there so we´re going to be have a lot of work to do! " I hope everything is going well. PS Talk to next week. Ill be calling around 6 our time which I think should be one your time.. Eu te amo. Tchau

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Monday Morning Report

This week was way sweet! We had my first ever zone conference! Elder Kopischke from the 70 came and gave us like a 6 hour lesson. It was way good that is a guy with a lot of power. Then on Sunday we had District Conference with the whole island of santiago. It was soo sweet!!! They set up the first stake ever in the country of Cape Verde! We all went to Praia and the conference was held in one of the biggest buildings in all of Cape Verde. I got to see my companion from the MTC there which was way cool. He might actaully be getting transferred up to my area next week. Speaking of Transfers after this week I'll have already finished my first one! I hope all is well. Love you tons. Elder Edwards

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Dog Named Bunion.

Word from Cape Verde is short and sweet:

 "Everything here is good. We had our first baptism this week! that was way sweet. We also have a pet dog! hes somewhere in Cape Verde I dont know exactly where right now but we gave him a cookie and he followed us to two lessons and then back home. We named him Bunion. I hope eveything is going well. Hang in there and keep on keepin on. Love ya."

Mail takes four weeks. You can mail letters/packages to the mission home in Cape Verde. (I will get the mailbox slot address soon) Then when transfers happen they get their mail and such...which is even less frequent than the four weeks it takes to get there. Also, if you are going to mail a package the cheapest route is through USPS flat rate shipping boxes which have a flat rate of about $50. Not cheap, but worth it right?!? If you do mail a package it has been recommended that we put religious pictures all over the outside to prevent the package from getting stolen. (The people are superstitious of stealing religious material).

"They dont actually have address here. People just buy a mailbox slot so that is what the church does. And then they just get delivered as people get transferred or when the mission pres comes to visit. This actaully makes it really hard to get references. People will just tell you its by that tree past the big rock or something along those lines."

Elder Edwards is doing great. Thanks for the prayers and support.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Papaya, Baptisms And More.

We heard from E.E yesterday and he is doing great! There is no snail mail address yet so emails are the only contact. Here is the email and our first pics from Cape Verde.

"That first picture is a picture of a papaya! My first time ever eating it. It was totally delicious. The other two are pictures I took out of our appartment window. So Awesome! thats what I get to see every morning.  Easter was way good! we taught 3 families and committed 6 people to baptism. When I showed up we only had three people set for baptism now we have like 8 single people and 3 families!! It has been sweet teaching people! They all are really open to hear about the gospel and even if people dont want to theyre soo nice theyll always let us into their houses right at that moment to talk with them. Creole is good. Im not really trying to learn it. Its a total caveman language. The thing I learned to say this week was "corpo, modi que sta" literal translation being body, how it is. My companion is good. Hes way nice and super cool. Weve been getting a lot of work done together. hows is everything going for you? is life good? Love ya. Fica fixe"

Monday, April 2, 2012

News From Cape Verde.

Ola everyone! First week in Africa! Crazy! When I first showed up I did not know what to think. Everyone and everything looked a lot different. When I first showed up I got to go and eat with the Mission President and have a "welcome to Cape Verde" meeting and I found out where my first assignment would be. For the first part of my mission I am serving in a place called Assomada on the main Island Santiago. This place is awesome! The first couple days it was really weird... Everyone was screaming at me out of cars, not one person besides the missionaries were speaking Portuguese and the whole culture is completely the opposite to what I'm used to. Luckily things got better, a lot better. I discovered that everyone was yelling at us out of their cars because basically everyone that has a car is a taxi so they all just yell out the city that they're going to. Unfortunately everyone still is speaking Creole. I guess after 3 transfers (according to everyone) you can understand creole even though you don't speak it because it is super close to Portuguese. Its rather annoying though. We speak Portuguese, they respond in Creole, even though almost everyone can speak Portuguese. The food here is actually super good! At least in the place I'm at there is a grocery store that has basically everything America has its just a Chinese or Cape Verde knock-off. My appartment is sweet. Its gotta be one of the nicest places in Assomada. There used to be 4 Elders there but now it is just us so we actually have a lot of room. A full sized kitchen, two bathrooms with nice cold water, a small laundry room two bedrooms. I hope everything is going well in the good old US of A. Enjoy your grass, carpet and pavement. I dont plan on seeing any of those for the next 22 months haha. Fica fixe.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cape Verde!!!

E.E has arrived! Aaron, the girls and I, along with Spencer and Nicole were lucky enough to get to go see him at the airport yesterday since we didn't get to say bye at the MTC. Unfortunately Nicole had to leave before he got there but it was very beneficial to us all. Matt is doing FABULOUS! He is a natural missionary and when I spoke to him while on his layover in Boston he had already been doing missionary work in the airport. He left SLC yesterday at 9:45 a.m and didn't arrive in Cape Verde until almost that same time this morning. Here is the email he sent:

"Hey Im just writing you to let you know that I have arrived safetly. Im going to be on Assomada on Santiago. Everything went smoothly getting here. I have my all of my stuff which is more than others can say and so far this place is awesome the people and the culture is nuts but Im excited to get started. Ill write you on monday. Love you all"

Right now we don't have a snail mail address, but keep those emails coming. It will be interesting to see in the next few weeks how fast Matty has access to email and how slowly it takes snail mail to arrive.  Love you Elder Edwards!

Last MTC Post.

"The time has finally come! I only have 6 days left in the MTC and them i'm off to baptize and convert the world! The MTC for the most part has been really good. My companion has been awesome and we have accomplished amazing things here. My highlights from the MTC would have to be: Getting my patriarichal blessing with my companion, him getting his own blessing as well. Taking my companion through the temple for his first time ever! Going to devotionals with awesome speakers such as Elder Holland (twice), Elder Bednar and Alex Boye. Being selected out of all the missionaries that are learning Portuguese to be interviewed by a news reporter from Sao Paolo Brazil! And definitely tons of other things. I'm excited to get to Cape Verde and start practicing what i've learned and also to begin learning Creole! Eu amo voces! Tchau!"

I received this letter last week. New pictures will be posted soon.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Elder Edwards has been sending us pictures for weeks. It has taken me forever to scan them so these are a collection from the past 8 weeks at the MTC.
 Matt with "Little Bunny" Nora sent him.
 The Cape Verde crew.
"Me and Elder Wilson."

 "My old mission..."

 Working hard...or hardly working?
 "Me when I'm really tired and my companion."
"Our zone!"
 "Portugal ladies and me and my companion."

"Sisters gettin' crazy!"
"Temply de Jesus Cristo"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Travel Plans.

Here is that latest update from E.E (Elder Edwards:

I got my travel plans today! I'm leaving on the 27th. My flight is #270, SLC to Boston (Delta). And then flight 691 (TACV Cabo Verde (Airlines)) from boston straight to Cape Verde. My plan flight leaves at 9:46 a.m. from SLC and I'll be arriving in Cape Verde at 8:30 a.m. to start off the FUN! Send me your numbers so I can call all of you in the airport. And probablamente the best time to call on Thursday. I'm leaving the MTC at 6 so I'll most likely be at the airport around 7.

I might break the rules and go see him off at the airport so if anyone has anything they want me to deliver to him to save on postage let me know. Matt is doing great. I couldn't be more proud of him. Also he challenged me to read the BOM on our own and let me know that if you read 8 pages a day you can finish in just two months. I am going to make this a personal goal and if anyone wants to join me that would be great!

Love you Matty!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 7.

I'm already on week 6 of the MTC! The time has been flying by here! I'm loving being surrounded by good, wholesome people all day everyday! The language is going so well! Luckily I know Elder Wilson (my friend from my childhood who lived in Brazil for 2 years) because he has been helping me advance in the language a lot faster than everyone else. Half of my district most of the time doesn't have a clue what me and the teacher are talking about. I hope everyone is doing good and I hope you're all continuing to build your testimonys.
-Elder Edwards"

We have been emailing back and forth and if anyone is sending Matt packages he requested that people not send anymore candy but send healthy snacks. He is trying to eat healthier and lose a few pounds before heading out to Cape Verde. He is so grateful for all the love and support and loves to hear from each of you!

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Almost Been A Month!

E.E (Elder Edwards) has almost been gone a month now and we know he is keeping himself busy because we are getting less emails/letters than the first two weeks. But we are happy he is working hard. Here is a short update we received:

"My companion and I got called to be zone leaders! Its' sweet. I get to plan who speaks in sacrament, meet/orient the new missionaries, become friends with all 6 sister missionaries and tell people what to do haha. There's a 50% chance that Madi will be in my branch which means I get to give her the run down and orient her on her first day!"

He also sent a bunch of pics which I will try and get scanned ASAP and load them onto the blog.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

For The Blog.

Elder Edwards sent this letter with instructions it be "for the blog".

"Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing good! The MTC is going great. I got to take my companion through the temple for his first endowment session which was a great experience! I've been learning a ton about the gospel the Portuguese language and the culture of Cape Verde! I know i'm not quite ready to get out there yet but i'm sooo excited for that day to come! -Elder Edwards"

A few corresponding tidbits from emails/letters we have gotten from Matt this week:
Matt's companions name is Elder Haile (High-Lee).
Elder Haile didn't have access to a temple before entering the mission field so that is why his first time through was with Matt once his arrived in Provo.
Matt  has been sending letters to the neighborhood family included in my letters to save on stamps. So if any of you have more than one mailbox check them both because I delivered 8 this week from him.
Matt is loving the letters and emails. Keep 'em coming!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bits And Pieces.

The following are bits and pieces from the letters/emails we have received from Matt this last week. I feel really spoiled because we have heard from him almost every day since he went into the MTC. Once his leaves for Cape Verde on March 27th I know we will not be so fortunate.

January 30. 2012:
"The portuguese is going pretty good. Most of the stuff i've been learning is all church related so luckily I know some other stuff from rosetta but I have a portuguese book for you that will teach you all the church related things you'll need to know. haha go nora! that's my girl! I can just see her being soo good at portuguese. I can email everytime I do laundry (which is once a week) and then everytime that I go to our computer lab. so like 3 times a week maybe 4. I know that if you pray you can find an answer to anything :) And that is the most beautiful name that there could ever be for my car! GO SHIVA!"

Januray 31, 2012 (Letter):
"Ola! Tudo Beun" (Hi, Everybody Good) Thank you guys soooo much for the care package! This letter is addressed to everyone due to lack of time. I wish I could write each of you because I ahve so much to say to each and everyone of you! So far the MTC is not what I had expected. It's a lot more fun and interesting that I thought it would be and leaving Salt Lake and the fam has not been very easy. Seriously the C.P (care package) and all of your guy's letters made my whole week! All my companions are soo jealous!! My main companion is awesome. He's from Ethiopia and is just the nicest/funniest kid ever. He's the first missionary ever to come to the Provo MTC from Ethiopia! Because of this he's super popular and everyone wants to talk to us and be our amigos haha. Learning Portuguese has been really interesting. The first thing they teach you is how to pray in Portuguese which I found rather interesting. day 3 in the MTC we ahd to teach an investigator (byu student) that only speaks Portuguese! I would've been screwed if it wasn't for Rosetta Stone. Everyone is jealous I am "learning" way faster than them :) Ebones, I don't know how you gained weight here! The food is pretty good but the gym is awesome! Also, so lame they didn't let you guys come say goodbye, that was buggin' me that whole day! I ended up waiting for 30 minutes because I was the first to arrive. I hope to hear back soon. Signed Elder Edwards de A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos ultimos dias. Tchau!"

February 2, 2012:
"It's great to hear that my babies are doing so well! If I wasn't in a place of reverence, I'd give a shiva shout out! Speaking of those little brats, tell them I love them and miss getting hugs from them! And in your guys' next care package, it would be highly appreciated if you could include the following: more ties, a set of those metal collar things to keep your collar looking steezy and then an address book with all of the addresses I need :) Hope you're doing well. With love, Elder Edwards"

February 3, 2012:
"Sweet to know the tie package is in persuit. I need some sweet ones that are worthy to trade with my ethiopian companion. As of now I can't think of anything else that I need but I did find out that my letter from my mish pres went to someone else and I found out after we get to the main island we can only take one suitcase under 44 pounds and one carry on under 11 pounds from island to island so I'm probably gonna end up sending a bunch of stuff back. No in my room There's four of us. Love Uncle Matt"

Monday, January 30, 2012

A Monday Surprise.

I hadn't expected to get an email from Matt so soon but apparently he will have access to email more than just on his P-day. Yipee! Here is the latest from Elder Edwards (with a few personal things removed for protection of the author/reader):

"Tell nora I love the imaginary friend drawing that i got from you guys! I sent you guys a letter in the mail on Saturday so i image you'll be recieving that soon. My email time is super short which is way lame so I never end up being able to say everything i want to tell you guys. And if ever you wonder what im doing im either A. reading the scriptures B. butchering the portugeuse language C. Sleeping or D. hitting on sister missionaries haha Everyone is soo jealous of me becasue of you guys! I'm getting way more letters, packages and emails then them ha. I only have thirty seconds left so I'll continue to write you guys and i hope to hear back from you soon. Tchau!"

Gotta love our Matt, always making time for the ladies. Love you!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Have Never Been So Excited For An Email!

We got this email from Matt today so I am assuming that his P-day is Fridays. Apparently he will have access to email at least while in the MTC. I am giddy with excitement. Can you believe this is now in the MTC serving the Lord!?! What an inspiration. Love you Beaver!
"Ola meu Amigos! So far I've been in the MTC a total of 48 hours and things are going pretty good. My campanion is from Ethiopia and is the first Ethiopian ever to come to the Provo, MTC! He speaks 4 languages and is excited to make portuguese his 5th! I've been learning a lot so far and I'm actually meeting with an investigator today that only speaks Portuguese! I miss you all at and can't wait to hear back! Love Elder Edwards (p.s. I couldnt remember heathers email so please forward this message to her. Obrigando!)"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 1.

Hello friends and family. We put this blog together so we can all keep track of Matt and his journey over the next two years. He entered the MTC today and we couldn't be more proud of him. He was nervous but excited and we can't wait to hear from him with in the next week or two to see how he is adjusting to the world of a missionary. We will post letters and pictures he sends to us and if any of you receive letters or pictures or have any content you would like added to this blog please contact us at We love you Matt and are so proud of your decision to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! XOXO  -Nicole and Heather

Below are the email address and snail mail address for Elder Edwards. We don't know yet if he will have access to email in the MTC or in Cape Verde so until we update further snail mail is the safest bet.

Elder Matthew Sidney Edwards
MTC Mailbox #328
CAP-VDP 0327
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793