Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Drum Roll Please....

Elder Edwards has his release date. He will be arriving January 2nd and we couldn't be more excited. I was really hoping we would have him back to spend Christmas with the family but the people of Cape Verde are lucky to have him a bit longer. Here is this weeks update from our Elder:

Dear Family,
   Drum role... Edwards' official coming home day as of today..... JANUARY 2ND! WAHOO! I talked to the mission pres and he said that my release date is the 2nd so I think that I should be flying in January 1st of December 31. That should be a good enough amount of time to get settled in, play a little bit of xbox, maybe buy a laptop for school, have a car? hopefully kiss a girl and get into school. That's about as far as I have though into things. 
 Today we finally moved into a new house which is looking sweet! It's a brand new apartment that has never been lived in before which is complimented perfectly with a brand new oven, fridge and washing machine.. Now we're living large and in charge. I think that I am going to be staying in this area for the next transfer (starting on the 5th) which should give me time to baptized all of our new amigos and realize our wedding.

Things this week having really started to turn around. We were praying to know how to better help our area and we both felt like we needed to leave a bunch of investigators that haven't been progressing. On Monday we set our minds and all of our faith to finding the elects that were ready to progress and ready to make there first steps to come closer to Christ. We ended up receiving a bunch of references and marked a new investigator with a baptismal date almost everyday. It never ceases to amaze me how full of miracles the Lords work is and how he will always answers our prayers and help his work to keep moving forward.

Love, Elder Edwards

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Marriage, Baptism and Birthdays and Pictures.

Dear Family,
This last week went by really good. That family that couldn't get married because of their window... They're getting married next month and then baptized! That problem didn't last at all ha. 
The only new things that happened this week were 1, I am now playing piano in sacrament meeting which was pretty sweet  but a little bit weird at first and not completely perfect but better than nothing. And 2 is our investigator Samir. Samir is a golden investigator that reads everyday in the book of mormon, prays a ton and is going to church now with my old white shirt and tie. He's a boss and can't wait to get baptized. The miracle though is what he has overcome to get to this point. I met him three weeks ago and he had problems with cocaine, weed, beer, tabbaco, coffee and sometime black tea... He has huged desires to change and live a new life and it has been amazing to see the diferences in him.
Well time is out! Today is my companions 19th birthday and we have a surprise party to go to at a members house! Love you all,
Elder Edwards

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Home Stretch.

Elder Edwards is officially 3/4 of the way done with serving his mission. It is hard to believe that in 6 short months we will have him home. We are all very excited! I am mailing a package his way later in the week. Please let me know if there is anything anyone would like included and i'll ship it with my stuff to save on your costs. Here is the update from this week:

Hello my dear family,

Well this last week was for sure a roller coaster week. I had four different comps until on Friday I finally received my new greenie straight from the MTC. He is a pretty quiet person but I can truly see a lot of good coming from him and pretty soon he's gonna be a boss missionary. We have found a couple families and it looks like we're going to be having a couple marriages and baptisms! WORK WORK WORK. There's no replace for good hard work. Especially when it comes to mission work. 
  Also like I said last week I am back into my old area and yesterday at church was way interesting. While I was there I got to see my fruits that were left from the last time I was here. One of my recent converts is almost not a recent convert and is turning in his papers to serve a mission! I really hope that I am here to see him leave for the mission field! We also baptized a lady who is now the first councilor in the Relief Society. Also a family of 5 we baptized are all still really strong and all have callings! This work truly is amazing and we definitely are always making a huge difference everywhere we go!
That was pretty crazy to hear about scout camp and about that man. I almost feel like I am anti scouts.. It sounds more dangerous than being in Africa!
I hope all is well and that you all are taking care of yourselves. Just 6 months til we can party!! ha just kidding.
 Elder Edwards