Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Transfer!

Dear Family,
   I'm glad you guys liked the d&c count down. Wow this week came with lots of changes! Saturday night I got a phone that informed me I was being transfer. I left Elder Dos Santos and now I am serving in Sal with Elder Camargo (also from south Brazil) and we are the zone leaders on this island. I was way surprised when I got the call because it was the middle of the transfer but it was for sure inspired and me and Elder Camargo are going to be the dream team out here. Our area is call Santa Maria and is the newest area in the mission. Our plan here is to baptize enough people to officially become a branch. This area is the nicest part of all of Cape Verde and our area is set up way legit. On the side is a huge beach with tons of Europeans then right inside is a kinda like a tourist mall with surf shops, ice cream stands, Hawaii inspired restaurants and then the city part where the Cape Verdians live is set up and looks and feels just like St. George. This place does not feel or look like Cape Verde at all!! I am way stoked with the change and they made it sound like I am suppose to finish my mission here and go out with a boom leaving my legacy forever! I accept. It's gonna be awesome. 
  Also this Friday we have zone leaders council so I am going to fly all the way to Praia, go to a conference and then fly back the next day. Because I'm on this island and zone leader I am going to fly at least one sometimes twice a month! 
  The only problem here is that everything is way expense! Everything costs about double from the rest of Cape Verde. Also the mission president told me I need to invest in some new shirts because they are all yellow and really gross.

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