Monday, January 30, 2012

A Monday Surprise.

I hadn't expected to get an email from Matt so soon but apparently he will have access to email more than just on his P-day. Yipee! Here is the latest from Elder Edwards (with a few personal things removed for protection of the author/reader):

"Tell nora I love the imaginary friend drawing that i got from you guys! I sent you guys a letter in the mail on Saturday so i image you'll be recieving that soon. My email time is super short which is way lame so I never end up being able to say everything i want to tell you guys. And if ever you wonder what im doing im either A. reading the scriptures B. butchering the portugeuse language C. Sleeping or D. hitting on sister missionaries haha Everyone is soo jealous of me becasue of you guys! I'm getting way more letters, packages and emails then them ha. I only have thirty seconds left so I'll continue to write you guys and i hope to hear back from you soon. Tchau!"

Gotta love our Matt, always making time for the ladies. Love you!

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