Monday, May 7, 2012

Transfer And New Companion.

Bom dia! Today is the first day of my second transfer! Its crazy to think that I have already been in Africa for more than 6 weeks! I was suppose to be with my first companion for the first few weeks but because of "technical missionary difficulties" my companion ended up getting transferred and I´m already moving onto my second companion. I´m a little nervous for this change because I am left to take charge of this area and I´m going to have a lot more responsibility but I know this change is the will of the Lord and I´m completely confident things will work out. Yesterday I had my second baptism. It was soo sweet! That was my fisrt baptism where I started working with the person from the first lesson and walked them all the way to the waters of baptism. This person had problems with all sorts of things and commandments but he worked through all of them and seeing his face when he came out of the water with the biggest smile on his face was definitely something else, the spirit was so strong. I have a lot of hope for this next transfer and I am ready to work twice as hard. One of our areas only has 3 members and they want to open up a new branch there so we´re going to be have a lot of work to do! " I hope everything is going well. PS Talk to next week. Ill be calling around 6 our time which I think should be one your time.. Eu te amo. Tchau

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