Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update From Across The World.

Things this week have been a little crazy. The other Elders here left to open a new area so right now we have to watch over our area and the other elders area. It has been a lot of walking but for the most part it has been pretty good. I eat fish and rice and beans for the first time here as a complete meal. The fish here is good but I think I need to improve my fish cooking skills. A cape verdian is going to teach me this week. Íve eaten with memebers a couple times. I actually ate soup for breakfast today with some members cuz we couldnt last night and I have to say that might have been the best soup that I have ever eaten. I ran out of money this week so Im actaully gonna have to sick with tuna and banannas and cereal for this week. I bought a cord to send pictures but the internet is being lame so you might have to wait until next week... Love ya. Tchau 

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