Saturday, April 6, 2013

To All Who Are "Perdidos".

Well yesterday was my last ever Easter in Cape Verde... Not actually a bad thing. Holidays here, I sadly have discovered, are backwards. In America even the people that don't believe in Christ go to church on Easter. Here even the members use the family party or even just a regular party excuse as a reason to skip out on church. 
As for new news... Last night President made the Transfer Calls early. my mini missionary is heading back home and I am going to get a fresh new america greenie!
I am pretty excited for this experience but its going to kinda stink for the new few weeks basically doing everything myself. Also this week we are fighting with all of us strength for our baptisms this week. We have 4 people planned and it is going to be a lot of work to get them all there. Tomorrow we are going to do a fast for them... I know you all have a desire to help this work go on not only in word but in deed. If y'all want you can fast with us too!! Their names are Taty, yanike, Yuri and Antonia! 
Things this week have gotten a little bit trunky. The mission is always kind of a drag when you're stuck with a mini missionary.
Well I love you and thank you a lot for sending me pants! I will try and send you some photos today! 
Love Elder Eduardo

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