Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mother's Day.

Elder Edwards called home on Mother's Day to talk to us all. He actually surprised us and called a few days prior to Mother's Day to test the phone. It made my whole day. Nora and Stella are still talking about it. Stella actually cried for almost and hour after he hung up because she didn't want him to go. He is doing wonderful. He says it is hotter than he can stand but is loving the work. For some reason in the area they are in only women are accepting their lessons right now and have only had one male be baptized and six females.  Matt says he has forgotten what American food tastes likes and craves Gatorade. I'm going to send him a package this week with some American treats if anyone has anything they want to add I am happy to add it to the box. He is still on track to return home shortly before Christmas. We can't wait. Love you Matty!

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