Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Marriage, Baptism and Birthdays and Pictures.

Dear Family,
This last week went by really good. That family that couldn't get married because of their window... They're getting married next month and then baptized! That problem didn't last at all ha. 
The only new things that happened this week were 1, I am now playing piano in sacrament meeting which was pretty sweet  but a little bit weird at first and not completely perfect but better than nothing. And 2 is our investigator Samir. Samir is a golden investigator that reads everyday in the book of mormon, prays a ton and is going to church now with my old white shirt and tie. He's a boss and can't wait to get baptized. The miracle though is what he has overcome to get to this point. I met him three weeks ago and he had problems with cocaine, weed, beer, tabbaco, coffee and sometime black tea... He has huged desires to change and live a new life and it has been amazing to see the diferences in him.
Well time is out! Today is my companions 19th birthday and we have a surprise party to go to at a members house! Love you all,
Elder Edwards

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