Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Last MTC Post.

"The time has finally come! I only have 6 days left in the MTC and them i'm off to baptize and convert the world! The MTC for the most part has been really good. My companion has been awesome and we have accomplished amazing things here. My highlights from the MTC would have to be: Getting my patriarichal blessing with my companion, him getting his own blessing as well. Taking my companion through the temple for his first time ever! Going to devotionals with awesome speakers such as Elder Holland (twice), Elder Bednar and Alex Boye. Being selected out of all the missionaries that are learning Portuguese to be interviewed by a news reporter from Sao Paolo Brazil! And definitely tons of other things. I'm excited to get to Cape Verde and start practicing what i've learned and also to begin learning Creole! Eu amo voces! Tchau!"

I received this letter last week. New pictures will be posted soon.

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