Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Dog Named Bunion.

Word from Cape Verde is short and sweet:

 "Everything here is good. We had our first baptism this week! that was way sweet. We also have a pet dog! hes somewhere in Cape Verde I dont know exactly where right now but we gave him a cookie and he followed us to two lessons and then back home. We named him Bunion. I hope eveything is going well. Hang in there and keep on keepin on. Love ya."

Mail takes four weeks. You can mail letters/packages to the mission home in Cape Verde. (I will get the mailbox slot address soon) Then when transfers happen they get their mail and such...which is even less frequent than the four weeks it takes to get there. Also, if you are going to mail a package the cheapest route is through USPS flat rate shipping boxes which have a flat rate of about $50. Not cheap, but worth it right?!? If you do mail a package it has been recommended that we put religious pictures all over the outside to prevent the package from getting stolen. (The people are superstitious of stealing religious material).

"They dont actually have address here. People just buy a mailbox slot so that is what the church does. And then they just get delivered as people get transferred or when the mission pres comes to visit. This actaully makes it really hard to get references. People will just tell you its by that tree past the big rock or something along those lines."

Elder Edwards is doing great. Thanks for the prayers and support.

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