Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Papaya, Baptisms And More.

We heard from E.E yesterday and he is doing great! There is no snail mail address yet so emails are the only contact. Here is the email and our first pics from Cape Verde.

"That first picture is a picture of a papaya! My first time ever eating it. It was totally delicious. The other two are pictures I took out of our appartment window. So Awesome! thats what I get to see every morning.  Easter was way good! we taught 3 families and committed 6 people to baptism. When I showed up we only had three people set for baptism now we have like 8 single people and 3 families!! It has been sweet teaching people! They all are really open to hear about the gospel and even if people dont want to theyre soo nice theyll always let us into their houses right at that moment to talk with them. Creole is good. Im not really trying to learn it. Its a total caveman language. The thing I learned to say this week was "corpo, modi que sta" literal translation being body, how it is. My companion is good. Hes way nice and super cool. Weve been getting a lot of work done together. hows is everything going for you? is life good? Love ya. Fica fixe"

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