Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cleaning The Beach And Climbing Mountains.

Hello everyone! This week has been really weird and really different! It started out with zone conference in the main city Praia. It was really good, we learned a ton. according to my companion zone conference is like half time and is to prepare us to 创win创 the battle. On Wednesday I went on a division to a city called Calheta. It was way sweet! The mission house there is right on the beach. Calheta is actually a brand new area that just opened up last week and it was awesome to be there and to see how excited the people were there to finally hav.e 创the church of the Elders创 in their city. We had a huge lesson at the end of the day, we taught 20 people at one time and they all were anxious as to when we could teach them more. On saturday we all went back to Calheta with a ton of members and Elders and cleaned up the beach to prepare a spot to do baptisms. That was my first time so far going to the beach and I was pretty excited. Finally to finish off the week this morning we went out and hope in the first taxi-truck thing here and drove until we found a cool moutain to climb. We picked a mountain and then spent a good amount of time trying to find a way to get to it.The mountain that we climbed was inhabited by monkeys and we actually found some monkey traps which was pretty cool. It has been crazy how fast time has been flying by here it is hard to believe I've already been here over two months. Gotta run but love you all. stay classy

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