Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 2nd.

Dear family,
 Well this week was... Good? Everything seemed to go pretty good this week up until yesterday. Our baptism for this week had to be baptized on Sunday instead of Saturday. We did the baptism and then right at the end a drunk showed up and hugged all of the Elders. We finished with a prayer and then all of our investigators then and recent converts went home. While we were cleaning up the drunk guy, who said his name was jesus, starting chasing the short little english guy around the church and then out side screaming "I wanna kiss you!"
  We finish cleaning up and then Jesus decided that wanted to kiss us all and started running around in circles after us trying to get us. Finally after getting chased and chased around he took off running down the street. He was sprinting right behind.. From a half a block away I flagged down a taxi. We all ran into it and took off with the drunk still right behind us. There are literally crazy people here from years and years and years and drinking grog and killing their brain cells. Man theyre all really fun to mess with and play tricks on.
  So that was the okay part of our day... Then came the "Mal". Last night we went to visit Isabel who was the one that got baptized yesterday and when we got there her childs father was there making a whole bunch of noise. She had a problem with him before and in order for him to get baptized President Oliveira said he was not allowed to go to her house anymore or she would be un church punishment. When he went there she told him he had to leave and that he was not allowed to come back. He Freaked out and on his way out he took a swing at our recent convert and tried to hit her in the face. I ran at him so quick he shut the door real quick and ran away. That was the first time I hated being a missionary. I didnt chase after him because of this name tag and I sat all night regretting not running him down and beating him. Guys who attack girls are souless and to me have no value. Its so sad to see broken families that arent being blessed in the way that they should be.
Hopefully this next week will continue alright. I am buying a hand made guitar today those that has cape verde on it and all of the islands on the back.
Love you all
 Elder Edwards

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